Realignment Innovations Fund (RIF) grants fund innovative, community-based projects that reduce adult recidivism in Alameda County. RIF grants are not designed to support existing or ongoing programs or services. They are grants meant to serve as incubation funds for creative projects that will improve service delivery and strategies in the field of reentry.

We will be hosting a Community Information Meeting and releasing a grant application form soon.

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The Realignment Innovations Fund is supported by Public Safety Realignment dollars (AB109). The Alameda County Place Matters Criminal Justice Team is coordinating this grant-making process, and will convene key stakeholders to define the funding priorities, solicit and review grant proposals, and make funding recommendations.


The Realignment Innovations Fund has two goals:

  1. reduce adult recidivism through reinvestment in community-based programs
  2. encourage and scale innovation for achieving Public Safety Realignment Plan Year 3 goals:
    • to protect the public through transparent and accountable administration and service
    • to ensure effective and supportive transitions from detention to the community
    • to develop innovative and therapeutic supports for clients focused on health, housing, and improving access to family sustaining employment

How is Innovation Defined?

An innovative project may introduce a novel, creative, and/or ingenious approach to a variety of practices related to reducing adult recidivism. An innovative project is a short-term project that contributes to learning, rather than having a primary focus on providing a service. Innovative projects can contribute to learning at any point across the spectrum of an individual’s needs relating to housing, employment, mental health, education, drug treatment and other supports.